Program Detail Pages

CFA Apprenticeship Program

Farm managers are in demand across California. Our job is to equip motivated and talented farmworkers for these vital and highly paid positions.

Farm & Climate

Cross-sector, cross-cultural innovation is critical to build integrated and equitable ag systems.

Urban Ag Internships

Sacramento high school students forge new career paths and gain skills in workplace readiness, professional development and personal growth during year-long paid ag experiences.

SLEWS Program

The Student and Landowner Education and Watershed Stewardship Program encourages high-school students to dig into habitat restoration through real projects on farms, ranches and open spaces.

FARMS Program

The Farming, Agriculture and Resource Management for Sustainability program exposes urban, suburban and rural high schoolers to innovative, hands-on experiences at working farms, agribusinesses and in higher education.

Caring for Our Watersheds

Youth across California are turning their environmental ideas into solutions through the Caring for Our Watersheds proposal writing contest, which challenges middle and high school students to generate creative ways to protect and preserve their environment.

Beginner Farmer Training Program

The Beginning Farmer Training Program provides aspiring farmers a strong foundation from which to launch and grow their farm businesses. In this immersive educational program, students have the opportunity to gain farm production and business knowledge in a variety of settings that appeal to different learning styles.

Community Food Program

The Community Food Program (CFP) inspires and educates Yolo County residents in their role as conscious consumers, connects them to local farms, and distributes nutrient-dense food to neighborhoods with little access. By making this connection, a community can work together to build a more equitable and resilient food system and increase access to fresh, healthy food.