Community Food Program


The Community Food Program (formerly known as the West Sacramento Urban Farms Project) bridges the needs of small farmers and the people they feed. By connecting growers with reliable customers in food-insecure neighborhoods, the Community Food Program empowers communities to build equitable and resilient foods systems. 

The program’s centerpiece is the Mobile Farmers Market, which delivers fresh, culturally relevant produce to West Sacramento, Woodland, and rural Yolo County neighborhoods that lack access to grocery stores and fresh food. The market provides beginning farmers with business consistency, and customers receive convenient access to fruits and vegetables grown locally.

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Equal Access

Local, sustainably grown, and culturally relevant food is made easily accessible and affordable in the communities we serve.


Market Connections

Beginning farmers gain the chance to grow and refine their new business while building a loyal customer base for long-term success.

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Active Engagement

Public and private partners support physical and financial access to nutrient-dense foods that increase positive health outcomes.

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Replicable Models

The Community Food Program provides a closed-loop model that is replicable in other communities across the nation.

Mobile Farmers Market

Mobile Farmers Market

Follow The Tomato

The Mobile Farmers Market brings hyperlocal, culturally relevant produce to neighborhoods in West Sacramento, Woodland, Esparto and Knights Landing.

Community Food Ambassadors

To bolster neighborhood awareness of the Mobile Farmers Market and its benefits, local Community Food Ambassadors are hired to complete a 6-week course focused on nutrition education and regional food resources. Ambassadors learn how sustainable agriculture leads to a healthier society, economy, and environment. After two years of this program, we are creating a network of health and nutrition advocates throughout the region.

By participating in a 6-week course focused on nutrition education and local food resources, Community Food Ambassadors are better able to understand their local food system and how supporting local growers leads to a healthier society, economy and environment. Ambassadors help spread the word among their neighbors and create a network of advocates throughout the region.

Riverfront Farm

Food education and volunteer opportunities take place, in part, at Riverfront Farm. This urban farm, located in West Sacramento’s Bridge District, grows a portion of the produce needed for the Mobile Farmer’s Market and offers the community a direct connection to their food supply. Riverfront Farm is one of many local urban farms organized by the Center for Land Based Learning’s California Farm Academy.

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Produce RX Program

CommuniCare+OLE (formerly CommuniCare Health Centers) is a Federally Qualified Health Center providing healthcare to those in need throughout Sacramento’s 6-county Capitol Region since 1972. With the support of a USDA GusNIP-PPR grant, CommuniCare+OLE offers produce prescription dollars to its diabetes patients in Yolo County. These “Veggie Bucks” can be redeemed at Center for the Land-Based Learning’s Mobile Farmers Market and other designated farm stands in Yolo County.

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