Our Team

Dr. Sridharan (Sri) Sethuratnam

California Farm Academy Director

Sri worked in agriculture for twenty years, as a tea estate manager and mixed crop farmer in India, and as an agricultural engineer engaged in soil conservation in Brunei, before he migrated to Canada in 2004. He is a passionate student of traditional management practices in agriculture, and a proponent of integrating traditional approaches into modern farming methods.Sri has a Master’s Degree in Capacity Development and Extension from the University of Guelph, Ontario, Canada. In 2021, he received his Ph.D. which focused on evaluating the outcomes and impacts of incubator farm programs in the US and Canada. Prior to joining the Center in May 2016 Sri worked for FarmStart, a leader in the incubator farm movement in Canada. His work in this area combined with the research gives him an in depth knowledge of the social, economic and practical barriers that new farmers face when trying to start new farm enterprises.