Our Team

Annika Forester

Learning and Development Manager

Annika’s mission is to stimulate conversations and create innovative learning experiences where people discover their own capacity, engagement and inspiration to take action. Using the tools of Appreciative Inquiry, Educación Popular, Accelerated Learning and Ontological Coaching, she helps learning partners see and align themselves around what is most meaningful to them, to meet their goals at work and in life.Annika’s academic formation includes a degree in Spanish from UC Davis, with extensive coursework in biological and horticultural sciences, followed by Agriculture Education credential studies, also at UCD. She first discovered her passion for adult education while organizing sustainable agriculture workshops with the Ecological Farming Association. In her 25+ year career, she has initiated high-impact, innovative, award-winning training programs in forward-thinking farming organizations.Prior to joining CLBL in 2022, Annika consulted on learning and development projects with CDFA, Ventura College, Hartnell College and the LGMA. Annika was also Director of Grower Education with the California Strawberry Commission, Manager of Grower Expertise at Reiter Affiliated Companies, Executive Director with The Association of Applied IPM Ecologists, and Senior Training Specialist for Harry and David.Annika has focused her career in service to the people that work in agriculture. The daughter of a Dustbowl refugee, she considers farming a sacred craft. Her work positively supports a pragmatic, prosperous and sustainable future for all stakeholders in the food production cycle. A 5th generation Californian, she has lived in Oregon, Washington, Mexico, Spain and Chile. Annika’s hobbies include sourdough bread baking, grey-water capture, and solar cooking while in the perpetual apprenticeship of parenting teens.