Our Team

Alany Valle

Beginning Farmer Training Program Assistant

Alany was born and raised in the Imperial Valley, she is the daughter of immigrant parents and came from grandparents who were field workers all through Southern California. Agriculture was very prevalent in her childhood and because of this when she attended UC Davis she found her place in agriculture at the Student Farm. Alany interned and worked at the Student Farm for 2 years and upon graduation wanted to continue her journey in agriculture but was unsure how. She took a year and tried student teaching Spanish in the Bay Area. Although she enjoyed educating, she found her way back to agriculture through the Center for Land-Based Learning in the way of the Apprenticeship program. Through the apprenticeship she worked at Hillview Farms in Lincoln, CA for 2 years. Upon completion of her apprenticeship she knew she enjoyed farming and educating and decided to join CLBL as the Beginning Farmer Training Program assistant where she could farm and educate future farmers as well. In the long term Alany has hopes to start her own flower farm. When Alany is not farming or thinking of farming she enjoys hiking and running with her dog Mia, visiting her family in SoCal, and trying all new food.