SLEWS: Ways to Participate

Working to impact the larger community

The Student and Landowner Education and Watershed Stewardship Program is dynamic, complex and flush with opportunities to make an impact on the land, our climate and in the lives of youth across California. With the goal of creating environmental change, SLEWS students have been instrumental in planting hedgerows across Northern California. Establishing over 150 miles of plants, trees, and shrubs (roughly the distance from Sacramento to Reno), students have assisted their communities by reducing carbon emissions, increasing water retention, creating beneficial pollinator habitat and corridors for the surrounding wildlife.

SLEWS doesn’t stop at hedgerows! Working to impact the larger community, SLEWS students have completed a variety of restoration projects including urban tree reforesting, wetland remediation, and bank stabilization projects.

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I would make a great mentor!

If you’re an adult (age 21+) interested in working with high-school students while restoring native habitat in Sacramento, San Joaquin, Solano or Yolo counties, SLEWS mentorship may be an excellent pathway. Volunteer mentors are essential and support students as they accomplish restoration work and explore new education and career paths.

Here are a few details to consider:

  • SLEWS days are scheduled during weekdays Tuesday-Friday and require a commitment from about 8 a.m. – 3 p.m.
  • Each project includes three field trips, and mentors are asked to commit to all project days
  • Our Mentor Manual details the mentor role
  • SLEWS Project descriptions offer more information about the sites.
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Ready to be a mentor?

If you’d like to join us this season, please complete our mentor application as soon as possible. Once we receive your application, we can match you with a project site.

The SLEWS Program adds the implementation and education dimension to the habitat enhancement or restoration project you are already planning to do. We organize the students to carry out the restoration tasks determined by you and your project partner in a way that enhances their learning in the classroom. We also strive to make the overall experience for students meaningful, transformative and fun. Check out our landowner FAQ, and send us an email about your project to see if it qualifies!


My restoration organization would like to partner on future projects.

Working to increase the capacity of restoration partners across the State of California, SLEWS works with a variety of restoration professionals including Resource Conservation Districts and the Natural Resource Conservation Service. If you’re interested in being a restoration partner check out our participation guidelines and send us an email about your potential project to see if it qualifies!

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I’m a high-school teacher and want to register my class.

Participation in SLEWS is dependent on the availability of projects within your region. To learn more about the program structure check out our flyer and student recruitment presentation. We prioritize Title I schools and request all schools pay a $900 participation fee to guarantee involvement in our programming. Financial assistance may be available upon request. To find out if there is availability near you send us an email detailing your county, school name, and class subject.

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I can support a restoration project with funding.

Supporters of the SLEWS programming are instrumental in ensuring we can continue working with students across the State. Providing students with all the materials necessary to run a field day including restoration tools, food, rain gear, and educational supplies, we take donations in the form of tools, volunteer support, food, money, and more! If you’re interested in making a donation please reach out to us over email. We appreciate your support!

For additional questions and information, contact Allie Dumas at